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This is a little blurb about myself and why my little business exists.

If you're interested, keep reading! If not, that's okay! Check out my packages to see if my services are right for you and reach out by filling out my inquiry form!

My name is Kaitlin! Also known as Kait, Kaitlin Ann, Saph, Spazz, Sissy, Mama, Babe, "that coordinator girl", etc..

I grew up in a small Southern Oregon Coast town and found my way back here from Portland after becoming a Mom. Most of the time you can find me at home, doing all the things that mamas do while watching The Office or Schitts Creek. I got married September 25th 2021 to my Husband and we have 2 kids and a Basenji mix pup named Mickey! I've always had a passion for helping people and thought Id be in the medical field someday. Then I got married. That experience lead me to starting my own business and steering that passion into peoples greatest days of their lives!   

It is hard work planning a wedding especially if it's your own! I personally spent about a year planning, detailing, putting together DIY projects and coordinating my wedding down to the last detail(I thought). Well, I didn't think of a rain plan. Living on the Southern Oregon Coast my whole life I probably should have known about rain. So all my plans changed and very long story short, my wedding day vision did not come to light. I wish I had hired a wedding coordinator to take the lead and support the changes that were needed. Along with many other things I could have used a coordinator for. 

~Just a quick thank you to Daisy(my sister) and all my friends and family who stepped up to make my wedding happen! But these things shouldn't fall to your family and friends and it definitely shouldn't fall to you or your fiance to figure out the day of~ 

This is exactly why I became a Certified Wedding Planner and Coordinator! 

Unfortunately I can't control the weather.. BUT what I can promise is if you hire me to take care of your event, I will seamlessly come up with solutions to possible problems and ensure a beautiful and memorable experience for everyone! You and your partner deserve to be guests at your wedding, hiring a coordinator like myself can make that happen for you! 

You can check out my portfolio to see my work but also use that as inspiration for your upcoming wedding! I will only be taking a small amount of elopements and weddings in 2023 as we just had our baby girl in March. I personally work with a venue called the Coastal Cliffs. If you are interested in an all inclusive elopement experience, click the link and check out their pricing and packages! Id love to help you plan your intimate wedding or elopement here on the Oregon Coast! 

*I give a discount on my services when booking my services for the Coastal Cliffs*

Click here to check out my pricing and services and if you are interested, you can find my wedding day down below!

Photographer from my wedding  :  Sarah Rose Photography 

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